Why Choose a Centre point School?

CBSE is a board that creates a set of rules and regulations for learning and taking examinations based on what you’ve learnt. They are in charge of the smooth running of education at Centre Point School. Thus, they create a basic algorithm for marking, a course outline, an exam timetable, examination centers, and many more. The ultimate role of the board is to ensure most or all students smoothly transit to and from their career paths with ease and readiness. In regards to that, vocational and technical education is also a key aspect the board is keen on. The promotion of vocational and technical skills, has been proven to increase the rate of youth employment and lead to creative job careers.

More exposure and value added to students

An outstanding change in the education system of India came to life thanks to the teaching method of Centre point school. Here, teachers work tirelessly to instill knowledge in students through unique and creative methods. This has corrected the basic memorization learning technique into understanding and presents a creative approach to your understanding. These new methods have eventually pushed both teachers and students to stay abreast with the current changes in education all over the world. This invests heavily in their teachers, just as much as they do in their students. Teachers must be in the right frame of mind in order to instill knowledge in their students. Hence, educational workshops and conferences are held for teachers. Where guest lecturers are invited to guide and counsel teachers, they break barriers in their learning and teaching skills.

Getting children well prepared 

The CBSE has a ready-to-use syllabus for any centre point school affiliated to it. Many Indian schools in foreign countries use the CBSE education structure. It is currently seen as a big help and a solution for parents who travel a lot due to the nature of their work. This becomes a cause for concern when children are involved, because they would have to change schools over and over. Thanks to the CBSE structure, your child would not have to worry since he or she can easily enroll in a school there with the same structure and curriculum. For job reasons, their studies would not be disrupted as they move to and fro with their parents. There will also be no need to purchase a new set of books since previous study books are still being used.

Improving education to meet the changes of the world

The Centre Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has officially introduced a grading system for specific examinations, which would be shown without a pass or fail tag for all candidates. This grading system that was introduced is called CCE. It is a 9-point scale grading system where students must qualify in four out of five subjects in order to be promoted to their next educational level. All students have a time span of 2 years to prepare for these exams. 


All the syllabus from the Centre point school affects all individuals right from their early childhood stages to their later levels in life and career. All subjects or extracurricular activities, right from the early stages of learning, have a role to play in the development of the human mind and skills.