Errol Vas: The Marketing Director Trap  

Moving into a leadership role is never easy. Whether you’re directing a team or leading an organization, making a transition into a leadership role requires new skills and processes that differ from a typical manager position. If you want to start off on the right foot, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

We’ve taken an excerpt from “The Marketing Director Trap”- an article written by award-winning marketer, Errol Vas:

The Scenario

It’s been several years. You’ve spent time in the marketing trenches, learning all you can about content, SEO, SEM, PR, social media, branding, advertising, blogging, email, lead gen, or some combination of any or all of them.

Whats next?

Your company recognizes your expertise & promotes you to Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer or CMO.

Whatever title you want to give it, there’s no denying that this marketing role is different than the rest.

The Trap (and how to avoid it)

Many Marketing Directors fail if they can’t stop acting like a hands-on Manager.

As the marketing director, it’s up to you to captain the ship, focusing more on the overall management of your marketing community. The best team leaders steer others toward success while preventing burnout, inter-team disputes, and costly over-budgeting.

Transitioning from hands-on marketing to setting up infrastructure & directing processes is a difficult adjustment- and many new Marketing Directors get demoted in the process:

Nice promotion -> Slippery learning-curve -> Demotion -> Crippled confidence

That’s the trap.

How to Avoid the Trap?

Read the full article and learn how to avoid the directorship trap with award-winning, Canadian marketer, Errol Vas.