Top Reasons Your Green Card Might Be Denied

The procedure of applying for a family green card can be complex. There is too much paperwork and too many deadlines to meet. When you apply for the first time with little to no knowledge about the process, you can make mistakes that lead to rejection. 

There are many reasons why the US immigration authorities might deny your green card. While no one can guarantee if everything goes right, you can take some steps to increase your chances of success. 

Top reasons your green card might be denied 

  • Health-related issues. 

In order to gain entry into the United States, you need to submit a health report created by a government-authorized doctor. If it is found that you carry a dangerous communicable disease that can be harmful to the public, they may deny your application. 

If you have the disease, you must also provide certificates for having the required vaccinations. Your application can also be rejected if you are a drug abuser or have a mental disorder that can potentially be dangerous to others. 

  • You are not eligible for a green card. 

This may seem obvious, but many do not check the eligibility criteria before applying. Even when they do, they do not go through the criteria thoroughly. This is why it is important to hire an attorney for immigration matters. You are only eligible for a green card under the following categories. 

  • A US employer is sponsoring you.
  • You are a refugee or asylee.
  • You have close relatives in the USA.
  • You are a victim of abuse.
  • You are a victim of human trafficking or crime.
  • You are a special immigrant.
  • You have been living in the USA since 1 January 1972. 

  • Criminal record. 

If you have a criminal record, it can significantly affect your green card application, no matter how minor. This includes multiple crimes, including trafficking, commercialized vice, prostitution, money laundering, etc. These are serious crimes and will result in immediate denial. 

  • Security issues. 

You cannot seek a green card if your motive to live in the USA is to commit a crime. For example, you cannot get a green card if you are to engage in terrorist activities, genocide, or any group that goes against US law. 

  • Missing appointments. 

When you apply for a green card, know that you will need to attend several appointments. If you miss any of them or fail to reschedule, all your previous progress and efforts go to waste. 

Contact an immigration attorney today to get a green card for your family members.