What Documents do you Need While Crossing the Borders?

Crossing the borders is not an easy task; one needs extreme focus for a seamless travel. And, with the Canadian borders, the rules and regulations are a bit twisted and requires a bit of the documentation. To avoid the last-minute hassles, one must know everything that is required to produce before the authorities. 

In this article, we will highlight the documents you need to arrange and carry before your freight is shipped to Canada.

Bill of Lading (BOL)

The BOL is a document piece which has the list of all the goods that the shipment is carrying with it. This document will also include important information like the address to where the shipment is headed and from where it will be picked up. The size and specification of the weight too needs to be highlighted here on an individual product basis. The contact information of the recipient and sender also needs to be put here.

Packing slip

Packing slip is also sometimes known as the shipping list or the way bill. With this document, the authorities will get to know the product details that the shipment is carrying. This will ensure that the shipment is carrying the exact quantity and number of goods as was ordered. In most cases, the packing slip will be found attached inside the package itself. This has been mandated by the NAFTA regulations.

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is extremely necessary when you are shipping goods into Canada. This document will carry complete information about the goods which are being shipped. The overall value will also be calculated in it. One copy of this document will head to the bill of lading and the other copy will be present with the freight which is crossing the border.

Canada customs invoice

A Canadian customs invoice is also needed when you will bring in goods to Canada. This document is very much similar like the commercial invoice and will have detailed information on the shipped goods. Two copies of this invoice will be needed.

Certificate of origin

This document is the bearer of information about the source of the shipment and the details about the sender. This is very important for the customs for the customs duties are collected accurately based on the information provided here.

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