The Pros and Cons of Conducting Compliance Training Online

When it comes to compliance training, there are two ways to go about it. You can either conduct it physically, or through online platforms like True Office Learning with virtual video conferencing tools.

Going online seems to be the more popular choice today due to the many remote workers amid the global pandemic. But is online compliance training possible, and does it hold more benefits?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of online compliance training.

The Benefits of Conducting Compliance Training Online

You’ll be surprised by the many advantages of online compliance training. Here are the benefits to reap:

1. Deliver Useful Information Efficiently

Employees and management are always so busy, and if you take them away from the work environment, it will limit the way you provide training. But when moving the training to online platforms, you can easily provide training anytime and anywhere. That way, you have the confidence and know that employees can make sure they remain updated with ever-changing policies.

You aren’t limited to providing off-the-shelf content. You can use online learning platforms to provide compliance training, making it both effective and interesting, catered to your employees’ needs.

2. Link to Jobs

If a compliance training program really makes an impact, you must focus on addressing the actual challenges and needs your employees would face daily. Rather than content dumping or delivering generic courses, take advantage of eLearning platforms and digital resources to tailor content to specific employee departments and teams.

That way, employees learn what they really need to know instead of reading all the generic information on compliance, which can be time-consuming and dreary.

3. Keep Everyone Updated at Minimal Cost

Contrary to popular belief, creating your own learning content for companies isn’t time-consuming, difficult, or expensive! With the help of digital resources, it becomes easier to create useful content addressing your employees’ real-time challenges.

As policies and practices change in the industry, you can adjust your resources each time they do. This keeps employees updated, receiving information quickly to prevent non-compliance. You won’t have to wait for updated handbooks; you can keep employees in the loop in real-time for everyone to stay on the same page.

The Cons of Conducting Compliance Training Online

Just like everything else, there will be a few caveats and disadvantages you must take note of, including:

·  There are specific activities that are difficult to conduct online, such as interactive games.

·  Some learners may not be familiar with using modern tech, like Zoom or quiz websites, to learn about compliance online correctly.

·  There’s the possibility of technical issues, such as limited bandwidth, slow Internet, or problems with an employee’s software or hardware.

·  Longer compliance training courses may be challenging to conduct online and require more physical engagement or pre-work.

Wrapping It Up

Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of online compliance training, you’re equipped to make a decision on how to move forward with your training program. Good luck!