QNET Wins 5 AVA Digital Awards 

QNET, a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong, is on a winning streak. It recently picked up multiple prizes at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards. QNET won two Platinum and two Gold awards at the February event. Last year, the direct sales company earned four awards and an honorable mention.

“Our marketing communications and social media teams are passionate about storytelling,” says CEO Malou Caluza. “They are constantly engaging with our customers to understand their needs, and tailor content pieces and campaigns that address those needs. This has helped us achieve very high engagement in our digital marketing platforms. These awards are a testament to the stellar work they do to serve our customers.”

AVA Digital Awards Recognize QNET’s Excellence

The AVA Digital Awards are an international contest that acknowledges excellence by creative professionals in the digital communications industry. The AVA Digital Awards celebrate the work done in the areas of direction, design, concept, and production of digital media. It invites contenders to submit a vast range of media, including websites, social media campaigns, and audio and video productions that exhibit information campaigns and innovative storytelling.

The AVA Digital Awards were established in 1994 and are focused on acknowledging and commemorating digital media and communications around the globe. The award is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), which is made up of thousands of professionals from the communication and marketing fields.

QNET Wins Five Awards

The direct selling company earned a Platinum Award for Web-Based Production/Short Form Web Video < 3 Minutes in the Sports Category for QNET And Sports: A History of Building Champions. The promotional video, which has received nearly 3 million views on YouTube, highlighted QNET’s high-profile sports sponsorships throughout the past two decades.

It also won a Platinum Award for Digital Marketing/Content Marketing in the E-Magazine category for Aspire 30: QNET’s 23rd Anniversary Edition. This special commemorative issue is the 30th edition of QNET’s award-winning magazine. It featured the company’s achievements and milestones as well as lifestyle and business tips, and knowledge-based quizzes.

QNET took home a Gold Award in the category of Web-Based Production/Short-Form Video
< 3 Minutes. QNET’s Commitment to Creating a Sustainable World: Eco-friendly Packing: Purpose-led Products explains its commitment to its Green Legacy, which is QNET’s sustainability initiative, though responsible and ethical sourcing of suppliers and materials, and converting eco-friendly packaging. It has received more than 70,000 views on Youtube.

The video Why QNET is the Best in Direct Selling Industry: 3 Reasons took home a Gold Award in the Digital Marketing/Content Marketing in the YouTube Marketing Video category. The video, which has over 1.4 million YouTube views, is recognized as a great marketing tool to expound to those interested in direct sales how QNET utilizes unique features to help distributors transform their lives via its portfolio of products and life-changing business opportunities.

QNET #BottleSelfieChallenge earned the fifth award at the international AVA Digital Awards. It got the Gold Award for Web-Based Production/Social Media in the Consumer Engagement Campaign (Multiple Forms) category and is focused on QNET’s popular HomePure Nova water filtration system while raising awareness of the negative impact of single-use plastic, like plastic water bottles.

QNET’s International Reach

QNET is one of Asia’s premier e-commerce-based direct sales companies with a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide through branch offices, partnerships, franchisees, and subsidiaries. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association in multiple countries. It is also a member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore and the Hong Kong Health Food Association. It offers a wide variety of wellness, health, and lifestyle products that help people to lead better lives. It is a grassroots business model fueled by the power of e-commerce and has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs worldwide from more than 100 countries.