How FBA sellers can get reimbursed from Amazon?

Being an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller you enjoy the opportunity to claim reimbursements from Amazon missing inventory Amazon FBA, product damage, FBA fee errors, and more. Though you have the freedom to apply for the reimbursements on your own- by following a few steps, hiring an expert to receive the FBA reimbursement services would be the best.

Having a team of professionals doing the job on your behalf will not only going to keep you relaxed but can also help you to receive the reimbursed amount from the world’s largest ecommerce company.

Now the choice is yours whether to DIY the complex procedure of claiming the reimbursements or hire a company with experienced professionals offering Amazon FBA reimbursement services against a fee.

Here are some situations when Amazon owes you refunds—

  • If unfortunately, the inventory is damaged at Amazon’s facility, then being an FBA seller, you have the right to claim the reimbursement from Amazon as you can’t afford to confront that much loss when Amazon is taking the liability of storing and shipping the inventories of their FBA sellers.
  • The inventory can also get replaced with other FBA sellers’ inventory because of which you can claim a refund from Amazon. However, you have to show proper documents and proof while claiming the reimbursement. Just claim for Amazon FBA inventory misplaced to get the refunds by placing proper proof.
  • As an FBA seller on Amazon, you should be updated about the rules related to reimbursements. First of all, the primary reason to claim the refund is when any of your inventories is lost. Understandably, the multi-billion company has thousands of employees working across many warehouses and storage. Often in the course of loading and offloading, any inventory might get lost.
  • Sellers can also claim a refund based on the customer’s issues. If the product is not returned after the refund or if the product isn’t replaced after refunding then the FBA sellers can raise a query, based on the reimbursement claims.

What is the process of reimbursement?

By using reimbursement tools such as Amzrefund, Amzrefund, Refundly, etc. you can apply for refunds. You can also use MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets as efficient tools to prepare reimbursement documents. Make sure, you have read the documents carefully and have also gone through the refunding rules so that your answers might be ready if the team asks you anything related to the claim.


You can apply for the reimbursements on your own like many sellers on Amazon. By collecting all the documents you have to appeal to Amazon to approve the refund if you confronted any of the above-mentioned issues. The whole process will be complicated and time-consuming if you choose to follow the whole process on your own.

To avoid any complications, you can hire an expert offering Amazon reimbursement services like you hire the Amazon seller account manager to handle your seller account and help your ecommerce business to run smoothly.

These professionals are concerned about the concept of appealing to Amazon with can guarantee you 100% reimbursements from Amazon.