Finding The Right Third Party Maintenance Provider For Your Data Center

Before you settle on the third party maintenance provider you want for your data center, there are several factors you need to consider. You want to be sure that you’re making the right decision since networks and systems are an integral part of your business. To help out, here are some pointers to finding the right third party maintenance provider for your data center.

Global support

You want to keep your networks running safely regardless of where you are in the world. Thus, you need a third party provider who offers global support such as CentricsIT. Choose a provider who has multiple sparing depots around the world. Furthermore, a provider who offers round-the-clock support is a good option. You can even check the language and country support to ensure that you’ll get the required support should issues arise. A provider with proper certifications and capabilities should be able to meet all your global needs.

Swift response

Speed is something you should look for in a potential provider as you know what an hour of downtime can cost your business. Ensure that your provider has easily accessible spare parts that you can count on at any time. Also, confirm that the parts are tested and that they can be deployed fast enough to solve any issues. You can always request your potential provider to explain their network maintenance process. This way, you’ll be sure what you’re getting yourself into.

Testing policies

Before choosing a third party maintenance provider, ensure that they can perform full line rate testing on all infrastructure. The one that proves a 0.5% or less failure rate should be your top choice. Remember, you want minimal downtimes and the only way to be in line with this is to ensure the equipment is properly tested before deployment. In addition to this, you need to confirm that your provider has ultra-protective packaging so that you receive your equipment in good condition.

Flexible service providers

Flexibility is everything in a provider who’s going to offer you excellent network maintenance services. Look for a provider who supports multi-vendor, multi-national, and multi-generation contracts. This way, you’ll manage all your IT infrastructure from one point. Also, a central portal saves you time and money in the long run as you can access everything in real-time. Furthermore, working with separate service providers can be costly in the long run.

Instant access to engineers

While selecting a third party maintenance provider, you need to look at the availability of high-level engineers. You don’t want to wait for hours on end or keep making calls for your issue to be resolved. Therefore, you need a provider whose sole aim is to offer excellent customer service and round-the-clock customer support. It might be tricky confirming all this but requesting proper documentation that verifies the service delivery will ease all the stress.

Your data center needs the right third party maintenance provider if it’s to have the best performance. However, choosing the right provider might be a daunting task that takes time and resources. The tips above will make your search for a provider a little easier.