Will AI change the fast food industry?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the capability of a robot or a machine to understand its environs and respond to tasks they are required to perform. The heated competition among the fast-food companies is now a wake-up call to the companies behind the technology. The need for growth and expansion also brings AI knocking on the doors of growing companies. With AI, fast food companies can remain relevant and beckoning to customers. How tantalizing would it be if one thinks about food and appears before them. Food is the window to every human’s soul, and what better way to present it if not in the fastest, sweetest, and easiest way there is, with AI.

Voice Assistant-enabled ordering

AI, without a doubt, will take the industry to the next level swiftly as people can easily order food in the comfort of their offices and houses. Thanks to the Voice orders. Under circumstances where there is an outbreak of a disease, touching surfaces is risky, and human contact is rendered dangerous. Thanks to AI, your voice comes in handy as you say what you want, and it’s brought to you. The human connection gets minimal, thus helping the companies stay in touch with their customers.

Facial Recognition Payment

AI can be referred to as a source of motivation for people to eat. For a healthy relationship between the customer and the salesperson, the salesperson must understand that the customer is always right, thus listening and understanding them (Piotrowski & Kalagnnanam, 2020). When a customer is undecided on what to buy, the machine uses facial recognition to tell what the customer loves to take and makes it possible to pay via facial recognition. Imagine buying from a person for years faithfully, and they don’t even catch your name. You buy from a company where a synergistic screen entertains you before buying, helps you decide what to buy, and the next time you are there, it remembers you and what you had the last time you were there.

Watch your health

Aside from its advantages, this industry has its downside; people have myths about food from these industries, thus the importance of transparency to your customers. Tellspec is a device that examines food on one’s plate (Cong et al., 2021). It gives detailed information on the freshness, calories, and other important concerns that a customer would have.

Foods on the air

The technology has gone to God’s level of thinking “pouring manna”; by using drones, fast food industry can be delivered to homes, AI is expanding the industry by giving people the thrilling sensation of receiving their food “from above” this is something that everybody would be dying to try out, and this could get addictive. It’s not everyday food that flies to your homeless you turn the tables.


For people who have ventured into the fast-food industry, the food couldn’t get any tastier and hotter as AI is doing them great honors by glorifying their services to their customers. The industry is only left to grow bigger as its customers grow healthier.