Why Should You Use Countdown Timers for Your Emails?

Everyone wants to make their email stand out from the rest. But how? Every brand is after this notion, and its obvious reason, because the declining open and click rates for sales-related emails. The mailing inbox has turned into a mini UFC cage as numerous companies are looking to stay there for a longer period. Therefore, business owners need to think of something better.

Setting up a countdown timer in the email can be the best solution. We are quite aware of the countdown when it comes to real-life situations. It makes people move on time and boost the flow of our actions. In every case, we want to beat the timer and win. Now, you can apply the same thing to your emails. Is it feasible to add online countdown timers to your emails? Hyper personalize your emails with the perfect templates and countdown timers based on your business requirements.

It helps in building urgency

As per human nature, we tend to act as soon as possible when it comes to urgency. The same psychology plays when it is utilizing your offers and discounts for a specific period. Without it, a lot of subscribers can turn away and eventually end your business at a loss. Setting a countdown clock helps in creating a blast of urgency for the targeted customers. When your customers receive an email with a ticking clock, the sense of urgency automatically shoots up.

Countdown timers are universal

There are some strategies that don’t work across specific industries. Something curated for an ecommerce platform may not work for travel agent companies. But when it comes to countdown clocks, they are universal. Time is for all! They work across countries, languages, and cultures. When customers see a clock ticking down in their received email, they intuitively will understand what it means. This can be a huge boost for a business owner like you, no matter what industry you are targeting. The timers are great for creating the desired impact.

Countdown clocks are perfect for promotional purposes

Countdown clocks are great for flash sales. It can relate to the price change, new product releases, and so many things. A countdown clock can be used in the email to make your audience feel excited no matter what the situation is. Whatever may be the industry or promotion, timers can be used to grab their attention instantly. It is a great way of personalization email that can be designed for your needs. Retailers can take this advantage of utilizing countdown clocks for their store to launch an event, offer or discount package.

Countdown clocks are also presentable and make your promotional emails more attractive. Considering the immense competition, brands get seconds to create the chance of sales. Hyper personalize emails equipped with countdown clocks can do wonders. It helps in making single interaction with the targeted customers. Therefore, email design matters when you are looking to eye the tip of email marketing campaigns. It’s never too late. Try it now!