The thought of creating an online business sounds tantalizing, but once individuals learn about HTML, CSS, Javascript and landing pages, their brains flood with a plethora of information and they turn their heads in confusion. With a Kajabi membership site, entrepreneurs and digital hopefuls can easily interact with visitors, allowing them to use their time and energy in more productive ways. If this sounds confusing, here’s what you need to know about Kajabi’s intuitive platform.

Pick and Choose Your Theme with a Click of a Button

Kajabi gives users multiple themes to use on their domain, allowing them to express their creativity and message with simple-yet-effective software tools. Rather than diving under the hood and scouring the net for royalty-free images and aligning your HTML schematics perfectly, Kajabi does it for you. Pick a theme that suits your needs, input the content you want and get ready to open the flood gates to a new wave of users and customers.

Snappy and Quick Course Creation

One of the ways in which online marketers and entrepreneurs make money in the digital space is through course creation. In simple terms, users pay for engaging material related to a subject, and once they complete the course, they can use the newfound data to sculpt their lives in a positive manner.

However, one thing is certain: creating an online class has never been easy — until now! Kajabi’s straightforward design gives you the power to build captivating online courses with easy-to-use tools and frameworks. Rather than learning about the complexities of the online realm, get your feet wet with Kajabi’s course creation paradigm.

Embedded Media and External Links

If you’ve visited a media website lately, you know how intelligently-placed media can transform a webpage from bland to exciting in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s a video related to a news article or a testimonial about a product you’re thinking of purchasing, embedded media is the “bread and butter” of online sales. Kajabi gives you the tools to embed content and links throughout your website, adding extra emphasis to your message and coaching philosophy.

Community Focus

Perhaps the most imortant aspect of an online coaching business is including the voice of your followers. Whether it’s a comment related to an article you released on your website or a small blurb about a positive interaction, giving space to users to express their opinion is vital in our digital era. With Kajabi’s suite of community-focused tools, you can enable comments and posts on each page of your website, encouraging organic communication and relationship building among your followers and students.

Why Create a Kajabi Membership Site?

A Kajabi membership site is for the individual who refuses to settled for second-best. From the parent who wants to start an online coaching course to the budding success magnate who uses the internet to her advantage, why make things harder than they need to be? Kajabi lays the ground work for you, giving you the time and energy to effectively communicate with the world and help users actualize their potential with rich, captivating and engaging media