What are the uses of a rosin press?

The cannabis or the weed industry is entering an exciting phase. Certain kinds of cannabis like medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis getting legalized have opened the doors for many opportunities that can be beneficial for all. The weed industry is opening up like never before. The changing laws have created opportunities for a booming sector of cannabis equipment. The rosin press is one such piece of equipment that has gained quite a popularity in the cannabis industry because of its simpler process and effective use. The rosin press crushes the dry herb called weed to extract cannabis concentrate. Though you can have manual rosin presses, bigger industries keenly purchase automated rosin presses like pneumatic and hydraulic ones. The cannabis concentrate called rosin is a golden-looking substance, which is created when the dry cannabis herb is heated and squashed. 

Uses of LeDab rosin presses:

  • Requires no solvents: Rosin is pure cannabis concentrate and solventless solution. Solvent-based methods take too long and they have to be completely removed from the end product or else the product could be dangerous with harmful residues left in them. Also, they are not good for the environment and contribute to pollution. However, the rosin press is more useful as it extracts only pure and organic concentrates and is environment-friendly. 
  • Highly Versatile: The cannabis concentrate extracted from the rosin press is highly versatile and can be used as a base for numerous products. You can make sugar, shatter, wax, crumble, etc. This trait will push businesses to produce unique products. It can also be combined with other materials to produce unique products like edible cannabis products as well as topical ointments. 
  • Medicinal purpose: The demand for a cannabis concentrate made with the help of a rosin press is high. This concentrate called rosin is being used for its medicinal purposes too. Solventless cannabis extracts are organic and do not possess any dangerous residues in them. 

A rosin press is also called a wax press. The tool uses two heated metal plates or slabs to squash medicinal plants with enough force which causes the plants to ooze out the concentrates called rosin. These are oily and resinous. The whole cannabis plant is used to produce rosin including the flower, kief, or hash. The cannabis flower is said to produce some of the most flavorful rosin using a rosin press. Therefore, if you are planning to enter a business involving the use of cannabis plants, you must own a rosin press for easier functionality.