What Are The Procedure For Formation In Cyprus?

A Cyprus business with 100% foreign ownership may get formed. A minimum of one shareholder and one director is required to start a Cyprus private company. Shareholders and directors may be corporate or individual persons (of any country).Given below are some procedures of company formation in cyprus.

Cyprus firm incorporation procedure:

A company formation in cyprus might take up to ten days to complete. It gets completed in 7 days. Operations can begin right away. For business incorporation in Cyprus, the following steps must get taken:

Visit the Internet:

The applicant must first go to the Cyprus Companies Registry. The applicant would get sent to the Registrar of Companies via the following website. The applicant would then have to decide what sort of business to start. For this, the applicant would need to examine numerous factors, including the business’s name, services offered, and other activities covered by the employment.

Approval of a Name:

Following the selection of the kind of business, the applicant must select and reserve the firm’s name. After deciding on a name, the applicant must search the register for similar names. If a similar name gets used, the applicant might consider filing a new application to reserve the firm’s name. There are specific prerequisites for booking the name. The following requirements must get met:

  • An applicant pursuing the procedure of business registration in Cyprus must select a diverse name.
  • The company’s name must not mislead customers or people.
  • If the name gets acquired by a firm, the company’s permission must be obtained before using the name.
  • The Comptroller may reject the name if it violates international trademark regulations. As a result, a global name search gets required.
  • The company name must include the words LTD or Limited. The words “public limited” must appear if the firm is a public limited corporation.
  • The name approval procedure can get completed online through a website or in person. This name, which the entity has reserved, will be valid for six months.

Submission of a company name:

You must first choose a company name and request approval. The procedure is simple and quick, and the moniker gets authorised in three working days. We recommend that you choose a company name but also consider other alternatives. In rare cases, registration authorities may reject monikers that look identical.

Our consultants can also make suggestions for names. There is also the option of selecting an already registered name and skipping this stage, allowing us to set up the company in less time.


Following the acceptance of the name, an application to the Cyprus Registrar department with the necessary papers and paperwork gets made. The application is examined for 4-5 working days and gets finished in 7 or 8 working days, with the issuance of all authorised papers, the Company Memorandum, and Articles of Association.

  • Documentation gets issued.
  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of the Board of Directors and the Secretary
  • Certificate of ownership for stockholders
  • Certificate of office address
  • Articles of incorporation and memorandum.

Following the firm registration comes:

  • Tax registration with the Tax Department for ID.
  • Application for creating a corporate bank account with any local bank.