Truck accident in Ontario: How can an attorney help?

Accidents involving large vehicles and commercial trucks often lead to serious consequences. Every year, thousands of auto accidents are reported in California, of which truck accidents are not rare. Following a truck accident in Ontario, you need to follow a few basic steps. First things first, call 911 and get emergency medical assistance for the injured. Do not ignore your injuries either. Next, inform the local law enforcement and cooperate with the police officer at the scene. You should also consider taking photos and videos of your injuries and the accident scene. Once things settle down, consult an attorney to know if you have a valid injury/property damage claim. In this post, we are sharing more on how a truck accident lawyer Ontario can help.

Your lawyer can get you a fair settlement

While no accident lawyer can guarantee an exact settlement or an outcome, having a lawyer still increases your chances of getting compensated. Attorneys are skilled negotiators and know how to spot bad faith insurance tactics. It is not easy to intimidate an accident lawyer, who wouldn’t settle for less.

Your lawyer can help find liability and fault

Truck accidents are often complicated, and the biggest aspect is to find liability and fault. It is not always the trucker to blame for an accident. At times, even the trucking company or the vehicle maker could be at fault. In such circumstances, you need evidence to prove fault as a claimant. Your attorney will help with all that and ensure that your case is strong enough.

Your lawyer will take care of the paperwork

From keeping a file of your medical records, to witness statements and other key papers, your lawyer is in charge of ensuring that your claim is not rejected because of paperwork. For someone who has never filed an injury claim, it can be hard to fight the battle against big parties. With an attorney, you don’t have to think of all that.

Not all accident lawyers in Ontario are the same, and only a few have experience working on truck accident cases. Check all details and ask the attorney if they have worked on similar cases. You can ask about their recent settlements if they have been to court for such cases and whether they have the time to fight the legal battle. Don’t hire an attorney who makes inflated promises but wouldn’t share details of their profile.