Tips For Successfully Upgrading Your Multi-Housing Laundry Store

Basic laundry services involve washing, drying, and ironing clothes for your customers. However, over time, these services have advanced with modern technology. This new tech is intended to make the entire process fast, reliable, and more convenient for you and your customers. If you run a multi-housing coin op laundry and want to know how to upgrade using brands like Girbau North America to make it more convenient and reliable, below are some tips to consider.

Gather insights from your customers

As you upgrade, gather insights from your existing residents on what they want in their laundry room. While each customer may have a different opinion, you can collect all the insights and try to get a generalization of everything. This could be in the times they want the laundry room to be open, the additional services they want available such as ironing and folding, eco-friendly washing machines from Girbau North America, and multiple payment methods. By doing this, you can ensure you are not only providing your customers with what they want but also what they need. Taking in customer opinions helps to build a collaborative relationship that can reduce unit turnover and help you attract potential customers.

Shop for a reliable supplier

When acquiring laundry room equipment and supplies, ensure you deal with a reliable, reputable supplier. This is because numerous suppliers are available, but some may provide counterfeit or fail to meet your demand. In addition, a reliable distributor may advise you on the best commercial laundry equipment to help you meet your customers’ wants and needs. Once you find a reliable supplier, upgrade your existing equipment to more energy-efficient ones. Such equipment will reduce your utility bills, the run time for each cycle, and the funds you will use for maintenance and servicing.

Invest in security

The need for safety is regarded as a basic human need. As such, you want to ensure that your customers are safe when doing laundry. This starts with the equipment, ensuring it is well-serviced and maintained to avoid accidents and injuries. If the equipment is new, ensure personnel is nearby to help the customers use the machines. Secondly, install security features in the laundry room. These include security cameras, clearly marked (not blocked) pathways and entrances, emergency exits, and non-slip flooring. Lastly, ensure you use safe payment methods to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Make it inviting

Lastly, make the laundry room cozy. Add some final touches to the decor and lighting to make the place inviting. You can also add a vending machine and WI-FI to keep your customers occupied as they run their cycles. There are numerous tips for upgrading your multi-housing laundry rooms. Start with the basics by gathering insights from current customers, then seek a reliable supplier for your laundry equipment and supplies.

While at it, make the place safe and secure for your customers by putting up security cameras, making the exits and entrances easily accessible, using non-slip flooring, and ensuring the payment methods are secure.

Lastly, lighten up the place with decor, lighting, and WIFI to make the area more inviting and accommodating.