How Card Operated Laundry Machines Can Benefit your Operations

The use of card-operated washing machines is on the rise and being used alongside the Girbau North America coin operated washer. The card-operated system is not new to most customers and it’s now being incorporated into the laundry business. If you are wondering whether to get a coin or card-operated machine for your business, read on to learn more. Here’s a look at reasons why you should consider installing a card-operated machine in your business.

Saves time and energy

Compared to a coin op laundry business, a card-operated machine saves your business a lot of money. There is no need for security or deposit money to the bank daily, as with a card-operated machine. A card-operated machine maintains an accurate accounting system that ensures that all your business collections are deposited correctly. It also allows you to take the complexity and worry from dealing with coins, saving a lot of your time.

You do not need to buy new machines

The best part about installing a card-operated machine is that you can easily refit your current machines to accept cards. Adding the card payment option doesn’t mean that you’ll need to replace your laundry equipment. Oftentimes, your laundry equipment comes with a computerized timer compatible with a card system. Retrofitting lets you turn your existing commercial laundry equipment into card-operated laundry machines.

Easy access to the laundry equipment

A card-operated laundry machine can be easily accessed using an internet-enabled device since all payments are received through the internet. You can easily view your sales and reports remotely, as well as the status of your system. All these can be viewed using a PC, Mobile device from your office or home.

Eliminates theft

With coin-operated washers and dryers, it is easy for some tenants to steal some cycles using slugs and foreign currency, which can be prevented if you use a card-operated machine. Card-operated machines ensure tenants pay for all the cycles and reduce theft by taking payments in each transaction.

Requires fewer repairs

Card-operated machines have no moving part in their systems, thus requiring fewer repairs and maintenance. You will save on repairs and also enjoy increased revenue when your washers and dryers are not out of circulation while waiting for repairs.

Cashless convenience

Most clients love the convenience card-operated washers and dryers offer. They do not need to carry coins around, which can be tedious. All they need to do is swipe their card to get the service.

Makes a great marketing strategy

While not all laundry businesses offer cardless payments, offering this payment option can help your business stand out. You can add the card payment option to your promotional and marketing materials and attract new customers.

Increased profits

More people are now opting for cards as their preferred mode of payment. This will be a reason to have repeat customers over your competition who might coin payment only. Card payments encourage paying with credit, which leads to people doing more loads, contributing to the business’s overall profits.

Card-operated machines provide more convenience for your customers than the old coin-operated system. Card cards are also safer for your business and allow for effortless bookkeeping, saving time and Energy from the management.