Advantages of Bespoke Databases Over Off-the-Shelf Options

Chances are your business uses at least a basic database, and likely performs a valuable role in your data management and other activities such as keeping track of customers and communicating with them.

If your business is a little bigger, then you’re likely into the realms of larger-scale database work where your setup is key to your data analytics and needs to integrate efficiently with other systems and software such as apps and maybe accounting systems.

If you’re using an off-the-shelf solution, you could almost certainly benefit from a bespoke database development project creating a setup tailored to your exact needs.

What is bespoke database development?

It’s where you have your own database created from the ground up based entirely on your needs and activities. It’s like having a suit tailor-made to fit perfectly as opposed to buying one off the peg.

It’s likely you’d require the services of experienced software consultants offering bespoke database development as part of their service. They take your business objectives and requirements as the basis for creating your bespoke database.

The advantages of bespoke database development

Just some of the benefits of taking the custom-built route:

Tailored to your requirements

Your database is designed exactly for your needs and doesn’t contain features you don’t require and won’t lack the ones you do, so no ‘making do’ with workarounds or compromises.

Scalable and adaptable

If your needs change or you experience company growth, your database can adapt and grow with help from your software development partner. A weakness with off-the-shelf solutions is the possibility of having to ‘rip it up and start again when your needs exceed what it’s capable of delivering.

Improved security

Along with having strong security measures built-in, your bespoke database development is a one-off so hackers aren’t likely to try and access it as they might an off-the-shelf type with 1000s of users worldwide.

Integration with other systems

Your bespoke database can be far more easily integrated with other software – for example, working with your mobile or web app to efficiently add newly gathered information to the database.

Off-the-shelf databases often have some form of API (Application Programming Interface), but it may be limited in use compared to your own, bespoke solution.

Cost effective

Far from being a costly option, a bespoke database development can prove highly cost-effective long term.

Not only will you save on possible replacement costs if you did have to change databases at some point, but the all-around efficiency and ability to set it up so as to allow the best type of data analytics for your business will likely boost productivity and sales.

Staff time spent on repetitive tasks such as re-keying the same information is cut out so improve overheads.

Choosing a bespoke database development expert

Look for professionals who are focused on your objectives and business needs as these form the foundation of your database development.