5 reasons why you should invest in CCTV at work

There are a number of effective measures you can put in place to keep your staff safe, but the biggest hurdle business owners often encounter is cost. Every measure you put into place comes with a price, so the balancing act is putting enough measures in place without blowing your budget.

One safety measure many businesses consider is installing CCTV. There are a number of benefits to having CCTV in your workplace, but many fall into the trap of simply thinking about the cost. 

So, to help with your decision, here are the main benefits of installing CCTV in your workplace: 

Employee Safety

One of the biggest benefits is the safety it offers for your employees. CCTV will reduce the likelihood of inappropriate behaviour from people both inside and outside of your organisation. It will also provide your staff with peace of mind for when they enter areas such as dim parking structures, and warehouses. 

Employee Productivity

Have you ever noticed how productive people are when their manager is watching? Having CCTV creates a similar effect. When people know that people are able to monitor their activity, it acts as a big motivator to maintain their productivity in the workplace. 

Should you have unaccounted hours of the day for your team, CCTV can help you piece together what they’ve been up to. It also is a great enforcer for the proper use of company equipment and supplies. 

You can Outsource the Task

If you’ve already made the smart move of hiring a facilities management company to help with office security, you can use them to run and oversee your CCTV set up and operation. They will be able to monitor these devices as part of their daily tasks and provide you with information wherever necessary. 

Insurance Savings

Insurance is one of the biggest costs encountered in the workplace, however, CCTV can help cut your costs in a number of ways. Firstly, simply having CCTV will reduce your premiums as they act as a deterrent to crime and other activities that may result in a claim. 

Secondly, they can help with any employee claims – such as injuries. Footage may provide evidence either for or against a claim, which will save you money in some cases! 

Deters Crime

It’s proven that CCTV is a great deterrent for potential criminals. CCTV will reduce the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and other anti-social behaviour. 

They also deter activities inside the office such as theft and inappropriate workplace behaviour. 

Final Thoughts

Sold on CCTV? Why not enlist the help of a London facilities management company to install and oversee these operations for you? That way you get all the benefits of CCTV, for a fraction of the price.