4 Reasons Why You’re On the Lookout For a Viable Yext Replacement Alternative

You originally contacted Yext because of the need for help with enhancing your online presence. At first, things seemed to be going well. Unfortunately, some issues developed along the way, and you’re seriously looking for a Yext replacement alternative that’s more in line with what you want. Here are some of the reasons why many business professionals like you decide to look around instead of stick with Yext. 

The Listing Network is Not Everything That You Hoped

It didn’t take long to find that the listing network included with Yext was not as broad as you had hoped. Many of the sites listed are ones that already knew about. Since the idea was to find more that would be a good fit for your listings, this limited selection has left you feeling less enthused.

As you look around, make it a point to ask about the listing network assembled by any potential replacement. If you find that it contains more choices that happen to be right for a listing like you have in mind, that alternative may be the right one. 

The Duplicate Suppression Technology is Also Lacking

Duplicates are an issue to consider, since they can cause more harm than good to your rankings. This is another area where you hoped Yext could provide some support. It also turned out to be an area where the results were not quite what you had in mind. 

Could there be another service that would provide more support with isolating and removing duplicates? The answer is yes. In fact, you will find more than one that does a great job with this particular task associated with effective citation usage. 

A Renewal Notice That Never Arrived

Part of your understanding is that Yext would provide a renewal notice within a reasonable amount of time before the current term ends. That didn’t happen. To make sure there was not an issue on your end, you searched high and low for every possible area where the notice could end up. You found nothing.

This is irritating, since it essentially took away a choice that was yours to make. Even as you work with Yext to resolve the issue, the process of locating a Yext replacement alternative should be in progress. Doing so will mean the company doesn’t have another chance to auto-renew your account for another term. 

Less Than Satisfactory Experience With Customer Support

Perhaps the final straw was a recent attempt to secure some type of help from the customer service team. It wasn’t that you had trouble reaching them. What was the problem is that you received a canned response that had only a marginal connection to your query. You even wonder if anyone paid any real attention to your entire missive. 

This is not the level of support that you offer to your clients. It’s also not a level you consider acceptable. As you look for alternative services, make sure they have a strong and responsive customer service ethic that involves actually listening to what customers are saying. 

Take your time and research all alternatives that seem to be a good fit. Pay close attention to areas where you found Yext lacking. This approach will help you find one that’s better suited for your needs, and be happy with the choice for a long time.