Top Content Ideas for Business Social Media Posting

What should a business post on social media look like? That is a question that takes a bit of answering. Social media marketing can take many different forms, each one suited best to both a particular business and a particular social media platform. But there is no doubt that there’s a lot of leeway for personal strategies and creativity too. 

However, with all this choice, two problems tend to arise. The first is that so much choice inevitably begins to cause a creative block (and the last thing you want to do is become a mechanical poster). The second is that there is a danger of forgetting the rules of social media success, and how those rules change across different platforms. You should market differently on Instagram compared to how you do on Facebook; the important thing is to play to the strengths of each platform. 

Further challenges arise when you are a B2B business. When marketing through social media towards other businesses, the rules are again different. 

Ideas for Posts 

Therefore, given the great diversity of ways to post on social media, the best advice is perhaps simply to offer ideas. We could easily fill a whole book with the different things a business can potentially post on social media. Engaged Media, social media strategy specialists, advise that the trick is to keep things fresh, avoid falling into mechanical posting and, above all, to respect the conditions of whatever social media platform you are using.

With that in mind then, here follows some excellent social media posting ideas for businesses:

Your Blog Posts 

Does your company have a blog? If not, it should, and you should post links to your blog posts on social media. Facebook is probably the best place to do this, but other social media platforms can work too so long as you post properly. Facebook is friendlier to text posts, but you can post the image from your blog post (with a link) on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Culture Posts 

A culture post is a post showing what your company is all about. This is a terrific way to advertise your company, but offer something else as well. Culture posts are great for educating people about your company. Try a post about a typical working day or something that your employees have been doing in the last week. 

Industry News 

Your company will no doubt fall into a particular industry category, which means you can post interesting content about the latest news within that industry, such as new emerging technologies that your own company will adopt or new products which are soon to arrive. 

Curated Content 

Curated content refers to content you post but which does not originate from your company. Curated content is great because it makes your company less mercenary or anxious about competition, and it also educates your customer base about the current state of the market in which you operate.

Question Posts 

Question posts are incredibly useful for building customer engagement – and they are a good metric for judging how engaging your posts are too. Not only do question posts and polls encourage your customer base to interact with you, but you can also see how many people actually do engage with the post. This gives you an idea of how successful your current social media strategy is. 

As mentioned, there are many more ideas than have been given here. But by starting with these and cycling through them so things don’t get too monotonous, you’ll already be well on your way to executing a winning social media strategy.

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