How can I strengthen my debt defense case?

Nobody wants to be in a position where they would be sued for debt. But if you are facing this kind of issue, then there must be a mishap that has delayed your payments to the creditors. Do not worry if you have received a legal notice from your creditor; there are numerous debt defense attorneys in Chicago who will help you. Here is how Chicago debt attorneys will help you strengthen your case.

Responding summons

The debt defense attorney will help you in responding to the summons. A common mistake that the debtors make is not responding to the summons. Whether you will be able to pay the debt or not, you must respond to the summons. 

Contesting the lawsuit

There are debt collectors who collect the debts that the creditors report. If the debt collector fails to show a signed agreement from the creditor, then the defense lawyer challenges the collector and will be able to sue them.

Lack of proper accounting

The creditor sometimes might not have all the documentation to prove your loan. So when a debt collector receives the debt, they may not have the documents. Your defense lawyer will consider this and deny the debt you have to pay regarding lack of evidence.

Keeping an eye on the deadline

There is a certain timeframe within which the debt has to be cleared. If that time passes, the creditor can not claim the debt. It is a valid ground on which you can get away with your debts, and your defense lawyer will help you determine the fact.

Hiring a debt defense lawyer

When you are represented by legal personnel, the debt collector will change their tone. They will come to terms with the lawyer and get the deal settled with a lesser amount. Otherwise, the case will be presented in the courtroom.


There is a set of rules, and the debt collector must abide by them while collecting the debt. It is termed as Fair Practice Debt Collection Act. If the debt collector violates the FPDCA, then your defense lawyer will make them pay the penalty. If you think your debt collector is harassing you, call a defense attorney now. 


If you receive the summon from your creditor, keep a close eye on the point, as mentioned earlier. For more guidance, call a debt defense lawyer.