Email newsletter activity: Follow-up guide about the newsletter and some tips outside the manual

An active email newsletter is an important part of effective and useful communication for the company. Neglecting frequent and quality information for clients, both potential and regular, is not worthwhile. However, how to use this tool correctly? How to get the most out of it?

You can read more about how to organize effective correspondence with your company’s potential customers from a guide developed by specialists. At you can read all the important details, peculiarities of composing, sending e-mails. Here, the specialists of the company have also removed a lot of attention to the issue of activity in mailing lists, which is not unimportant for correct determination of spam danger. The activity should be regulated based on many parameters, which we are now going to talk about.

Tip #1: Find your frequency based on the rule of moderation and utility

Moderation and usefulness at the same time. This is an important rule to properly guide the number and frequency of mailings to customers. Here it is important to understand the specifics of the business and know its rhythm. For example, it makes no sense to be active before Christmas for a company that sells soft drinks for children outdoors. But it makes perfect sense to remind you of the company’s new products, which will be perfect right around Christmas time. So, it’s quite simple – you should put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. And think about what information will be useful to him today, tomorrow. And what he could buy, without delaying such a decision until the day after tomorrow.

Offer something that can only be bought from you, without changing the product itself

Another trend in online marketing newsletters is to make your product as unique as possible, so that it fits every potential customer at the same time. And at the same time, it would be possible to buy it only from you. The important thing here is not to change the properties of the product, its packaging, or characteristics, but it is the description, the presentation of the offer:

  • time of purchase – here and now at a bargain price;
  • place and method of sale;
  • delivery and its peculiarities;
  • accumulation of potentially attractive bonuses in money, opportunities, services.

Another option is to increase bonuses because of any customer activity.

Briefly, even more briefly, in two words

And in conclusion one more important advice: create all letters as concisely as possible, sometimes, maybe, breaking the construction of the letter, reducing it to the level, which will be understandable to your potential buyer. And this can only be done by the author of the newsletter. After all, he knows exactly who buys his products or orders services.