Can You Post About Your Claim While On Workers Compensation? 

Posting about your life and experiences has become a part of our daily routine in today’s digital world. When you suffer from a life-altering injury or illness because of your job, it is not uncommon for you to want to post about it online and give updates to concerned family and friends. 

However, such actions can negatively impact the value of your settlement. A workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix has successfully helped several clients in similar positions to yours and has the right experience. This enables them to guide you and offer you the advice you need to navigate the claim process and avoid such mistakes. 

How can a social media post affect your claim?

Since there seems to be no apparent link between your social media profiles and filing a compensation claim, victims do not think twice before posting on social media. However, they fail to realize that claim adjusters from the insurance company are investigating them. They can twist even an innocent post and hold you liable for your injuries to avoid paying you a large settlement amount. They are determined to reduce or dismiss the value of your claim, and your social media presence is likely being monitored. 

What should you do to protect yourself?

A few suggestions for you to avoid any complications because of social media in your claim include:

  • Deactivate your profile: It can be difficult for people to let go of their online presence and completely delete their accounts. The deactivate feature allows you to temporarily disable your profile. No one can access it, and all your information is hidden until you reactivate it. 
  • Avoid posting: People rarely post about their setbacks and downfalls. You may have posted a picture of you playing a sport you love with a bright smile. However, insurance claim adjusters view it from a different perspective. They may accuse you of faking how intense your injuries are and use it as an excuse to prove that you are fine and reduce your claim. 
  • Strengthen your privacy settings: Most social media apps allow you to make your account private and do not allow anyone you have not approved to view your profile. Ensure that you only accept requests from people you trust and ask your friends and families not to tag you on social media. 

You must take the proper steps while and after filing a claim to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses. By being cautious, you can make sure that the insurance company cannot find any inconsistencies in your claim and has to give you the full compensation you deserve. Your Phoenix lawyer’s assistance also enables you to protect yourself from receiving a reduced or dismissed claim.