Advantages of Lubrication and the Role of Grease  

When it comes to the industries, there are too many things that go into the work. Each of these items has their own set of benefits and none of these can ever be missed. One of such products is lubricants. These products known as lubricants play a great part in maintaining and easy running of the machinery in a production line. The lubricants have a lot of benefits to offer. These lubricants are also of different kinds like grease and oil.

Keeping friction at bay

If machines are running, friction will definitely be there. But this friction is definitely going to create a lot of problem as it gives birth to wear and tear in the long run. It is ultimately impossible to change these worn-out parts frequently as it would ultimately increase the production cost. The only way is to reduce the effects of the friction with something that can prevent friction. This is exactly where the thing called lubricant comes in. the primary task is to keep the surface slippery and slicky. It works as a coating the metal surface that prevents friction with the other part.

When it comes under the microscope, the surfaces are actually as smooth and polished as it looks. The asperities or the tiny peaks stick out and scrape the opposite surface causing the surface to wear out. Along with that, the friction also results into heat that can lead to equipment failure. Lubricants create a film that thwart friction and provide protection against heating and wearing out.

Protection against rust


The metal in the equipment will fall prey to rust if it comes into contact with water or any other corrosive substance. The layer created by the lubricants help with protection against such corrosive items. They also carry contaminants to other separators or filters so that these can be removed without causing any harm to the equipment.

Improve lifespan

No one wants to chance the machinery frequently as these costs a hefty amount. Along with a replacement project will also create an issue within the production line. Lubricants can easily help to protect the equipment and increase their lifespan to a great extent.

Grease as a lubricant

Grease happens to be one of the most commonly used lubricant in the industry. But greases are also of different types having different elements and thickness. Mixing any of the two different types of greases can result into an issue. The change to the chemical and physical structure of the grease will also cause an issue with releasing the base oil or the capacity to hold. When greases are mixed, it is necessary to keep check the compatibility.

SKF grease chart (ตารางจารบี SKF, this is the term in Thai) help to check the compatibility before mixing any of these greases. Over-greasing equipment is also not a good choice. Compatibility verification is also needed for procedures like cleaning, purging and flushing old oil. A chart at hand will be a constant guide that will continue to provide help whenever there is a need to change the grease.